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Challenge accepted!!

After a recent shopping trip my partner and I were discussing the cost. Now to give you a little background there are 2 adults in the house plus 3 teenagers, 2 of which are boys but my daughter gives them a run for their money when it comes to her appetite. They are all fairly active kids, and seem to have hollow legs most days (or worms!!). I don’t like to buy too much in the way of junk food, school lunches consist of fruit, sandwich and something I home bake.

We were spending about $250 a week about 6 months ago, but decided at that stage it was too much and that we could do it for $200 a week. We made a few changes with things like butter, pasta etc and chose a cheaper brand. We thought that we could give things a try once to see if the brand swap was ok. Most things were ok, the kids grizzled on a few things, but in most cases we told them to suck it up as they didn’t pay the bill.

We currently budget for $200 a week on food (we are in Australia for those that don’t know). This is our one main flexible item in our budget, so we do tend to be mindful of what we spend, and most weeks come around that amount (give or take $20 either way).

As we discussed the amount further, me being an accountant decided to break it further down to analyse (because that’s what we do with numbers). $200 for 5 people a week is equivalent fullsizerenderto $28.57 a day. Now I thought that’s pretty damn good for a family of 5. But Mr sarcastically added it’s too much, should be $20 a day. I started thinking, and obviously quickly did the maths thinking $140, No Way Possible!, then thought – why not!!!

Now I know this may be an impossible task as the groceries are more than just food, it’s cleaning products and personal hygiene products as well, and dog food, but I am going to have a good attempt at this. I think initially I will aim for $25 a day and then aim to reduce further from there.

So watch this space on my updates. I will post up some of my savings and meal ideas.

I must add that if I can reduce the groceries to this amount on average, that it adds up to a really nice family holiday!!! I am pretty keen to get to work on this challenge.

For any inspiration on meals pop over to my Pinterest page I have start a business page but have added my folders from my personal page, so there are great folders for baking, dinners, brekky ideas, pasta meals, salads and slow cooker meals to name a few.





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