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Meal planner

I thought I’d provide a little bit of an update and explain some more. 

My partner is self employed & I work on wages. We budget our money quite well. The groceries we pay for from his money, and some weeks are tighter then others depending on whether people have paid on time or if it’s been a raining week. (He works outdoors)
Well this week is a tighter week and we have mastered managing these. We often over buy other weeks & if we had no money at all, I am sure we could get by on our creativity and what’s in the pantry and freezer. 

But as you may have seen on my previous blog post I am trying to get our grocery bill down further regardless, as I see this money as extra savings towards more exciting things like family holidays. 

I have done my meal planning for the week as I always do prior to shopping. I do this firstly so I know what I need to buy, and secondly so I know what I am cooking on what night & have the meat defrosted if it is needed. 

As I need to try and make the groceries as cheap as possible I have put a bit more thought into cheaper meals. 

So here goes – dinners for the week are:

  • Tuna fish cakes & salad (Michelle bridges recipe);
  • Bacon & mushroom carbonara;
  • Chicken & corn soup;
  • Pasta bake;
  • Taco’s/burritos;
  • Chilli con carne used as nachos; and
  • Get-it-yourself night (we have this once a week to give me a night off cooking)

Now to add in a bit of extra nutrition I plan on adding in a tin of brown lentils to both the mince for the tacos/burritos & the pasta bake & I’m also hiding some extra veges like grated carrots & zucchini into the pasta bake. 

I have added in my shopping list to the Coles online app and it is coming out at $115. I have just realised as I am typing this that I forgot the tortillas on the list, but that will only be a few extra dollars. 

Tomorrow we are getting the groceries and I will let you all know the exact outcome. Although some of these dinners may sound a little fattening (like the carbonara) I am opting for low cal where I can. Eg my carbonara has no cream in it at all. My tacos will be using my seasoning and the chilli con carne will be made from scratch, I use passata in the pasta bake so to cut out sugar.

I do have a few things already in the pantry towards some of the means. Like tinned tomatoes, kidney beans, tuna, potatoes, some salad & a few taco shells. And things for get-it-yourself night. 

I have also scouted out what’s on special that’s on my list & have found things like Cc’s are cheaper then the supermarket brand. 

Now you may be thinking that’s only dinner, what’s for brekky or lunch or snacks? 

For brekky I have a blueberry smoothie, with lite milk, flaxseed meal, frozen blueberries & no fat yoghurt. The kids have cereal generally which is on the shopping list as is the 3 x 3litre bottles of milk. My partner skips it most days but does have his coffee & juice.

I bake every weekend & will do tomorrow as school goes back. Have enough staples in the pantry & fridge to make a double batch chocolate brownies & another slice or biscuits which I am yet to decide on. 

Lunch is normally sandwiches. Kids have spreads & we have toasties or curried eggs etc. 

And we always have plenty of fruit!!!! (My kids actually think that there is no food in the house when there is no fruit).

We are lucky that there are no toiletries required this week or cleaning products (both of which I try & buy in bulk in large sizes) but we do need toilet paper. 

Crossing fingers I haven’t missed anything. I will keep you updated. 

M xx


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