2016 – The year that was

As the year has come to a close and a new year begun its always nice to stop and reflect on what has happened. Although many may not be happy with the year that has past, it gives us the opportunity to give thought to where we want to be. 

My year plodded along and throughout the year I made some changes and some steps towards some of my goals. My partner was able to leave his full time job and start his own business, which was quite rewarding to watch someone glow in happiness and satisfaction. 

I too started a new hobby that was able to generate me some money on the side. This was my soy candles. I went from using one side of my brain as an Accountant to using the creative side making candles, experimenting with containers and fragrances and labels. It’s something I enjoy doing and will continue to grow with time. 

But the biggy late in the year for us both was trying a natural health and wellness product that has made us feel a lot better and is able to provide us with the energy we need for our busy active lives. We were both very sceptical about it prior to giving it a go and fence sat for at least 3 months before taking the plunge. Now we both would not go a day without it in our body. It is worth every cent and more, and for the equivalent of a coffee we hope others are willing to try it and give themselves the chance to also feel like the best version of themselves too. 

Not only did we become a user of the product but have such faith in the products the company sells that we have joined the business. We have now surrounded ourselves with some amazing positive people who want more out of life and that are prepared to do what it takes to reach their goals. 

So our 2016 was pretty big. Having said that we have set the bar high for 2017 with some goals that could make some life changes for our family. 

I know not everyone was blessed to have a fantastic year last year. From health issues, to marital splits, to financial problems to the loss of someone dear. But know that everything that happens provides us with a lesson. It makes us stronger, or it helps us appreciate things more, or it makes us realise that we do need to make some hard life style changes. 

So if you didn’t have such a great year last year, look forward to how things can still change. There is still the chance to get well, to get fit, to eat better and take care of your body. There is still the chance to make more money to improve your financial position. You may not be able to bring a love one back, but you can certainly make your time with others quality time. 

Stop and reflect and ask yourself where you want to be in 1 years time. If it’s not where you are now, then now is the time to start to take action and make some changes. Stop making excuses. If nothing changes then nothing changes. 

Cheers M xx

(Your homework – Set goals and action them!!!)


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