30 Day Challenge – Being the boss of your own life

For those that know me know I went years without exercise & started being a regular gym goer about 6 years ago. 

This all went pear shaped after tearing a hamstring, doing 100k walk (feeling a complete mental exhaustion) and getting over training when I wanted to be with my family. Then I also met the love of my life, we moved out of town, which was a much further hike to my favourite gym, and it all went in the “too hard” basket.

Let’s just say my priorities changed. 

So the past two and a half years my exercise has consisted of what was just happening in life, collecting wood, riding motor bikes, helping my partner in his business. I do sometimes go for a walk around the paddocks, or walk the dogs, but there has been no regular exercise regime. 

And sad to say I do miss it but have struggled to get my butt out of bed for it. I always say I will do it in the afternoon, but family life gets in the way and what I want goes out the window, as I do what mum’s (or parents) do and put everyone else’s needs before ours. 

So days pass and I feel guilty that I should be moving more. I’m not getting any younger and I know as we age we need good muscle structure, and to not cart around any excess weight where it can be avoided. A recent packing of the front loader washing machine was a reality check of this where I put my back out. A consultation with the chiro and it’s all back on track but just reinforced what I already knew. 

With Daylight Saving ending I thought it would be a good chance to try and get back on track. At least I would no longer feel like I was getting up in the middle of the night. 

So yesterday the clock was set for 5.45am (only 15 min earlier then normal), my work out clothes laid at the end of the bed. The alarm went off and up I got & got dressed and I did it. I just did it!!!!

I walked out to our home gym which is just the garage with a bit of equipment in it. I had decided I would walk on the treadmill & adjust the incline as I went. Front roller door was up allowing me to look out into the paddock. Headphones were in and I listened to a new audiobook that I am addicted to listening to (and I might add that helped me get up).

Did I enjoy it? I sure did. It was 30 minutes of pure bliss. No one was talking to me, no kids calling out “mum”,  wrapped up in my own thoughts, brain coming alive, body coming alive. It was like I finally took time out for me. 

So then & there I decided that I would continue this daily process of taking time out for me. Who would of thought how enjoyable getting up early to exercise could be. 

Now I was only doing a quick walk. And I went for 30 mins. Today I did it again and added in 50 squats at the end. But the point is I’m out of bed, I’m moving and that’s a step in the right direction.
While everyone else’s is rolling with the burpee challenges, or push-up challenges or whatever other challenge, my challenge to me is going to be 30 days of Being the Boss of my life. I’m starting my day with a great combo of exercise and personal development. I’m taking time out for myself, uninterrupted by anyone. I’m doing something for me. 

I would encourage others to join me. Doing something for you for the next 30 days. Be the boss of your life. Too often our kids take up so much time and energy the only thing we find time for for ourselves is sleep.  But try for the next 30 days to change this. So if you don’t currently do any exercise, start to incorporate something little to start. It could be a walk, a few exercises in your lounge room or on your verandah that don’t require any equipment just your body weight. If you never find time to read, pick up that book and start by reading a few pages everyday. 

Who will join me. I’d love to hear how others also go.  I too with provide an update .


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