Welcome to my blog.

I am an Aussie mum of four. I have survived many a parental adventure up to now and know there are many more to go through yet. I wear many hats on a daily basis. From Mum to cook to cleaner to loving partner to professional worker. I have two careers – one as a Mum and one as an Accountant. And although there are many trying times juggling life, I feel blessed with the life I have.

I hope to inspire, to help, to be a sounding board, to give a laugh to and to challenge other people. My life has not been straight forward. I don’t have the white picket fence with 2.4 children and station wagon in the driveway. I have struggled through many challenges that life has thrown me. I have had a marriage split after 15 years and was a single mum for 5 following that. I have struggled financially needing to count every cent and find a way to get by. I took 10 years to complete a degree. I have every day issue like all of us.

But most of all I never quit. If there is something I am passionate about I find a way to achieve it. It might not happen over night, but I am always determined to keep trying. I look at life as a series of adventures and lessons. I try to take something from everything that happens to me in life and believe that I am who I am today because of what has happened up to now. I do my best to stay positive in life. We aren’t always going to like what happens, but if we learn from that we are generally a stronger person. My glass is always half full.

Life does not owe us anything. We get out of it what we put in. Our current situation does not define us. So stay postive and reach for the stars, anything really is possible.

M xx

Comfort zone


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