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Healthy Start…

Right now I am trying to make some healthy changes for me. I have just turned 44, and gained some unwanted kilos over my two years of happiness and contentment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not what is considered overweight according to the BMI, however I am getting pretty close the borderline of healthy & overweight.
I have this spare tyre thing hanging around my waist, and a butt that seems to be looking more of a square shape then round as it sags on the bottom curve. Although I might add my manfriend (borrowed that line from Carrie off Sex & the City) loves my butt!!! But anyway, the spare tyre thing kind of just hangs very ungracefully when I lean forward. After 4 pregnancies the skin is far from taunt.

My clothes are getting tight and I have decided it’s time for me to look after me and get back in to shape. (Yes round is a shape I hear you say.)

My goal isn’t that big of a goal compared to some I know, but my 5-6 kilos of weight will soon become 10, 20 or 30 if I don’t start to make a change now, and the job will only get tougher.

I have commenced this week Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation. I did it around my 40th birthday and lost 5 kilos back then. They stayed off for two and a half years. But the last 18 months I have gotten lazy with exercise and eating, but I must say I have still enjoyed every single day.

It’s time now to get things back into balance, get my fitness back, and make better choices.

I don’t see this as a diet. If I did I know I wouldn’t last. Someone says diet and I want to eat everything in sight. I see it as a lifestyle change. All things are good in moderation (including chocolate), so it’s about stopping and making better choices most of the time.

The other thing I need to do is get back into the habit of regular exercise. I can still lift weights easy enough, but my cardio stinks, and there are things jiggling a little to much on my body. (Tuck shop lady arms!!!!) Right now I can’t even manage jogging a kilometre without stopping several times. And I know if I don’t make changes now all of this will only get worse.

Today is Day 3 on the 12wbt. I have stuck to my eating plan all 3 days but only found time for exercise 2. I will continue to provide updates of both my struggles and my victories. My weight so far is down 500 grams from a week ago. I hope that my journey may help and encourage others.

I had to add in my photo of my yummy brekky from this morning. 🙂