How do we obtain balance in our lives? It’s a million dollar question. But the reality is it is tough to achieve every day.

In order to find balance we really need to break our life down and look closely at what is really important to us. We need to find our priorities, our goals and our dreams.

But still after all that it’s more. It’s keeping focus and staying on track and saying no to things that you don’t want to do and saying yes to the things that are meaningful.

Balance is not having too much of one thing. It’s things in moderation. It’s finding time to do exercise and finding time to put your feet up and relax. It’s having some quiet time just for you and being social with some friends. It’s having that salad but treating yourself to a chocolate sometimes. It’s working to earn money but then taking time out to enjoy the money doing things you enjoy.

Balance is Yin and Yang. It’s finding time to stop and smell the roses.

But still how do we achieve it.

I guess the simple answer would be by not forgetting what or who are important to you. Remember to have fun and laughter with your family and important friends.

Our modern lives are often so busy surrounded by so many forms of technology. Sometimes to get some balance we need to switch off the technology and have conversations. We need to ensure we get fresh air, sunlight and take ourselves back to basics.

What balance is to me will be different to your view on balance.

I will continue on this topic over a few blogs with some tips on ways to obtain balance in our busy lives.



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